I’m Ellen Day!  I live in Northwest Indiana, and I am a Registered Nurse.  I have been a fan of Jim Brickman’s since February, 2001.   I had heard there was going to be a pianistellen-day-4 in concert at The Star Theater in Merrillville, Indiana on Sunday afternoon, so I went to see Jim for a Valentine’s Day Concert.
It was an amazing afternoon!! During the Concert, I found out that Jim had formed his own advertising agency right after High School  and had written jingles for TV  commercials and Sesame Street.  Most importantly, I learned, that Jim was the composer of my favorite song, “Simple Things,” which I had previously heard sung on the radio by Rebecca Lynn Howard!!  I also learned at that concert, that Jim had composed other favorite songs of mine, like “Valentine,” and “The Gift!!”
Jim’s music stimulates my senses and causes me to experience more of the beauty in life, that God has given me to enjoy —- special relationships,  the sun, the moon, the stars, the rainfall, intricate flowers, lovely music and so many other amazing creations!!
I have shared Jim’s music by inviting friends to his concerts and by giving his CD’s, DVD’s and books to my friends.  It has been very enjoyable to see my friends then become Jim Brickman fans/ VIP’s !!   I have enjoyed hearing Jim sing more of his own songs in recent years, especially when he has performed at some of the smaller, more intimate venues!!ellen-day-3
It is a privilege to be a Jim Brickman VIP, because Jim, Anne Cochran and John Trones are always very sweet and personable at the Meet And Greets.  I have also met many very special people/ fans/ friends at Jim’s concerts!  At my first concert, which I attended by myself, I met Vicki & Ernie Knight, who invited me to an upcoming JB Concert in the new Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College.  Since then, they have invited me to attend other JB concerts with them.  I always tell Jim, that his fans are really great people!!
As a VIP, I was pleasantly surprised last year when I was going through Chemo Therapy, that Jim and the Brickman Chicks sent me a “May The Angels Protect You” card to let me know they were thinking about me. One of Jim’s VIP fans, Cathy Gangloff, connected me with a friend of hers, who was a breast cancer survivor, & Cathy also sent me a handmade angel charm for my purse.  It is those special touches that make me feel like I am a part of the Jim Brickman VIP Family!!
I have gone on the 2013 Caribbean Cruise and the 2014 Brickman Bash in Cleveland.  Jim’s concerts on the Cruise Ship with John Trones & Jen Burleigh-Benz were amazing!    I hope to go on the August, 2017 Alaskan Cruise, but I need to find a roommate first!!  That is one of the many things I love about being a VIP Member—  Ellen Wohl is always great about helping me to find a roommate for these activities, which expands my circle of friends, like when I had the pleasure of rooming with Millie Morris at the Cleveland Bash.ellen-day-2
At the Cleveland Bash, I enjoyed the boat ride on Lake Erie, visiting Shaker Heights and viewing the lakes that have been inspiration for many of Jim’s music compositions.  It was a blessing to attend Jim’s out door concert in the park, where he had begun his career by being the pianist for the Youth Theater Program.  It was very informative to attend the  Question and Answer Session with Jim’s Parents, his Piano Teacher and his Financial Advisor.

I think it is wonderful how many lifetime friends, that Jim has involved in his life and in his career as America’s Romantic Piano Sensation!!