November Newsletter

A Note From Jim

“Gratitude is your best attitude.”

Jim Brickman Pure Piano Tour About Jim BrickmanWe all have those days when the world around us seems to spin out of control like those old Calgon commercials (take me away). We all do, it’s just a way of life. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

That’s why this time of year, I try to reign in the craziness and re-examine my attitude. I have a good friend who always says “There’s a reason for everything.” If “x” didn’t happened then “y” never could. So I look at each step of my life, both challenging and not with an attitude of gratitude.

With my birthday on Sunday and Thanksgiving just days away, it’s my turn to say “thanks”. You tell me that my music touches your life… but just know that your life touches my music. You challenge me to write new songs, give me inspiration and fill me with love and appreciation.

I hope Thanksgiving is just the beginning of a season of peace, hope and expressing thanks.


What’s On Jim’s iPod

Three friends/collaborators of mine, Olivia Newton-John (Change of Heart), Canadian singer/songwriter Amy Sky (Greatest Gift of All ) and Nashville singer/songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman (Simple Things) each endured “profound, life-altering losses and yet each remained committed to one thing: a desire to transform individual grief into healing via music… for all.”

They created a CD called “LIV ON” that takes the listener on a journey of remembrance, toward one of inspiration and hope. The three stars created heartfelt new songs of hope, comfort and renewed joy.

I found the music engaging and it really touched a vulnerability I often deny. I hope you’ll listen to their beautiful songs and know you aren’t alone.

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Go Behind the Scenes with Pledge Music

Jim Brickman teamed up with Pledge Music to offer you “behind the scenes” opportunity on his Comfort & Joy Holiday Tour.

A chance to go “behind the scenes” would be a great Christmas present for you or someone very special. You can attend Sound Check before the concert, hang out on the tour bus, have dinner backstage with Jim and his musical guests, or even watch the show from the wings.

Want more Christmas gift ideas? How about a Jim Brickman piano lesson via Skype, a chance to co-host Jim’s radio show or even have him record a special voicemail message.  There’s even a Comfort & Joy album with bonus tracks only available through Pledge Music.

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Sally Corner

Ah sweet November, which for our family means 3 family birthdays and where do we go for Thanksgiving when the Jim Brickman holiday tour begins the day after Thanksgiving.

Michael, my “other son” two years younger than James has a birthday Nov. 6, grandson Thomas on Nov. 16 and James on Nov. 20. How to cope with “what do you want for your birthday” and getting a gift to them on time and in one piece.

James was a Thanksgiving baby. In those far off days new mothers stayed in the hospital for a week. So when Thanksgiving came in 1961 we were served a turkey dinner in my room, courtesy of University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Now James messes our family up again for the turkey festivities as he is always either rehearsing, packing all his bus tour belongings or racing to the airport on Thanksgiving day. We try hard to have our feast close to the city where he needs to be if we possibly can.

We tease him about the year he was too far away and had a lean cuisine alone on Thanksgiving Day. But it is all about the tour and that is his joy in life. So, Happy Thanksgiving to all wherever you may be and I will hope to see you on the road.

fall-14-copyMeet Rebecca
Rebecca grew up in Cleveland and began her radio career with Cleveland’s WQAL FM.

At Brickhouse Network, she is the Associate Producer of The Jim Brickman Show and podcast and assists with marketing the radio show and tour. She also runs her own live trivia company, Cleveland Trivia, at bars and restaurants around the city.

Rebecca is a big fan of Chai Tea, the Cleveland Indians, and The Beatles. In her spare time, she enjoys watching bad reality tv at home with her fiancé Brian, two dogs, Pearl & Henry, and her cat, Olive.

Rebecca’s excited to join the tour this season and hopes you can stump her with some trivia when you see her!

joshMeet Josh

Hi, I’m Josh. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where I found a love for music.

I discovered through some of my favorite artists — The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and of course Jim! — the expressive nature of music, in which it can bring about such powerful emotions. The whole phenomenon of music amazes me, so I decided to study it. I’m currently attending Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, for a degree for Music Technology.

I’m so excited to be joining the Brickman team on the Holiday Tour as we spread the feeling of Comfort and Joy through music. I’ll be selling merchandise and helping Jim with the tech side on our travels.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Join Jim’s Street Team

‘Tis the season to spread the word about the Comfort and Joy Holiday Tour!

When you join Jim’s Street Team you can hang flyers all around town.  Think about the places you go to everyday. The grocery store, coffee shop, bakery, library, gym, school – even the break room where you work.  Bring your own tape or push pins… and be sure to get permission to hang a flyer!

Once you’ve put out 6 flyers… send us a picture of 1 and a list of the places where they are hanging. As a thank you, we will send you a Street Team T-shirt!  So include your T-shirt size and address.

(Limited supply – M, L, XL, XXL)


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Jim’s Mail Bag

My name is Beth and I’m a first grade teacher from Massachusetts. I was in college when I first heard your music. I found out you were performing at Mechanics Hall and I dragged my friend with me to see you. That was just the beginning. Your music got me through the last few years of college.

Time went on and I got engaged. I made my future husband listen to your music in hopes he’d let me choose one of your songs for our first dance. We then had our daughter and I had an hour commute to my  job as a classroom teacher. It was a beautiful ride and your music fit the beauty just right. It would calm her when she was fussy and help me unwind.

I have seen you over 6 times. I take different friends with me when I go so I can show them what an amazing experience it is. They have gotten hooked every time. I remember taking my mother to see you in Boston in the early days and she loved it.

I turn on Jim Brickman radio on Pandora every morning …and play your music throughout the day for my students and it’s incredible the effect it has on them. They just learn better listening to you play.

I just want to say thank you for giving me 17 years of music. The music that lifts you up at the end of the day or makes you open your eyes wider in the early morning. The music that talks you off the edge and helps you to enjoy the moment.

Keep doing what you do so well. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Beth P

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Meet & Greet
During the Comfort & Joy concert tour, November 25 – December 31, the Meet & Greet is BEFORE the concert. Arrive in the theatre lobby one hour before curtain time. As a group, you will be escorted to a private area to visit with Jim.

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To get your VIP discount you must use the code JBVIP10.

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Have you moved in the past year? If so, please send your home address to ellen@jimbrickman.com