@NotAllGeminis (AKA Courtney Perkins)

Astro meme queen, funny gal, and pal of Hannah Rae stops by to help demystify the world of astrology to the non-initiated, plus she reads Jim’s birth chart!

Listen to Hannah Rae’s interview with Courtney here!


The queen herself!

Hannah Rae: It’s the Jim Brickman Show, you’re here with Hannah Rae, and guys, how much do you really know about astrology? Like, do you find yourself lost in the discourse a little bit? Well, if you do, don’t worry, because we have THE instagram meme queen and astrologist, Courtney Perkins, (AKA @notallgeminis) here today to help demystify all of this for us a little bit! Hi Courtney!

Courtney Perkins: Hi Hannah, how are you doing?!

H: I am great, welcome to the show! I am sooo thrilled to have you on, as you know! So, most people know their sign [in the context of the] newspaper, they know generally  where to look— but most people don’t know that they’re actually just aware of their sun sign, and that they actually, in fact, have a bunch of other signs— the moon sign and the rising. Do you mind just explaining the difference between those three?

C: Your sign sun is your main sign. It’s the one that you’ve been hearing about your whole life. It’s basically your most basic self, related to your ego, your self-expression, who you are at your most base level.

Then your moon sign is our internal…it represents your emotions, your instincts, kind of who you are when no one’s around. Some people relate more with their moon sign, cause they’ll see their sun sign and say “Oh, I’m not that way!” cause they have a really different moon sign, and so there emotional reactions can be really different.

Then your rising sign is the third sign that makes up the big three— some people even think that this one is more important than your sun sign, because it is the way you come off to the world. Basically, your outward demeanor, the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you present to the world, sometimes it acts as a mask for your inner self.

H: So with each sign, there tend to be some stereotypes…are there some that maybe get a bad reputation, or a good reputation, what’s your take on the stereotypes that come along with certain signs?

C: The worst reputation is probably scorpio, because they’re manipulative and love revenge and being possessive and all these different things. It’s very passionate, but honestly they’re very sweet and deep people.

H: I love it. Courtney, thank you so much for being on the show today! And everyone who’s listen, you’re now required to go and follow @notallgeminis on Instagram! 

We surprised Jim with a read of his chart… listen to his reaction here!



“Jim is sun in scorpio, moon in taurus, and libra rising. So his most basic personality is very passionate and emotional, and imaginative, usually pretty intense. Enjoys extremes, always has a strong opinion, and can be very persistent about pushing their agenda through.”

“Moon in taurus, the inner nature… taurus is super trustworthy, can always rely on them, really determined hard-workers, but then also can have grudges and be very obstinate. Can be prone to enjoying creature comforts, sort of…grounds a scorpio sun.”

“[As for his rising,] libra is really chatty, well-liked and popular, he probably hides some of those scorpio tendencies behind the light-hearted touch.”

More About Courtney Perkins

Courtney Perkins is the voice behind @notallgeminis. Originally from Austin, Texas, Courtney is a comedy writer and lifelong student of astrology. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has had work published in The Fader, Nylon, NY Mag, to name a few.

Here’s a bonus pic of Counrtey & Hannah Rae at a college a cappella party, just in case you didn’t know their bond is #strong.





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