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Jim Brickman Plays For Your Wedding Day

Have you dreamed of Jim Brickman’s solo piano music accompanying you down the aisle? Perhaps you want Jim playing for your first dance?

The most requested wedding songs have at last been Brickman-ized. Jim sets the mood with beautiful music from the prelude to the ceremony and even the first dance. These popular romantic melodies are now available digitally and on CD.

Available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music.

Release date on June 2
CD Pre-sale begins May 16.

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Pre-Order Wedding Songs

live rooftop

Rooftop Concert Series

Get ready for Brickman Music all summer long!  Jim will bring his music to new heights up on the roof of his office in Cleveland, Ohio. And he’s taking requests!

You can enjoy the concerts LIVE from jimbrickman.com, Facebook and YouTube.   Tune in May 31st at 12:30 pm Eastern for the kick off.

This is the first of 4 rooftop concerts and you never know who is going to show up!

The first rooftop concert will feature the fabulous British “Peoples Tenor” Russell Watson.

A Note From Jim

Jeff Klaum Cleve Yard Pic copy“Spring cleaning is not just sorting through things and getting rid of clutter.  It’s about taking stock of who you are, and how others see you. It’s a chance to redefine yourself, to change expectations and to remember it’s never too late to recapture who you were, or aim for who you want to be.” – Unknown

It’s finally time to open the windows and let in the fresh air.  Not just in your home, but in your head.

Clutter is such a distraction. I don’t know about you, but for me when I see clutter I see chaos and it stresses me out. Last week, my office staff and I rolled up our sleeves to clear out stuff in the warehouse and studio. Now it looks fresh and organized.

Now there’s a much calmer feeling throughout the entire office. We all think more clearly and that keeps us feeling calm and energized.

Take that first step.  Clearing out something as small as a drawer or shelf or as big as a closet can have a positive effect on your mood both emotionally and and physically. I’m obsessed with simplicity. You see it in my music and in how I try to live my life.

Enjoy this Spring day.

Jim Brickman Signature - A Note from Jim


88 Seconds ImagingListen to Jim tell about his audition to be a gopher at the Muppet Mansion in NYC on Storytime with Jim.

Jim, in his own inimitable style sits down and shares some great memories and hilarious stories from his career and travels.  You won’t want to miss that.

Subscribe to Jim’s YouTube channel and you’ll always be the first to see these fun videos.

Subscribe to Jim’s YouTube Channel

Cinja Williams, Karen Thorpe, Beverly Martin.Calling All Brickheads 

The Brickman Experience is bigger and better than ever! We have a great time when we’re together at concerts and get-togethers. I’ve decided that it’s time to make the Brickman Experience even BIGGER and BETTER!

How can we possible do that? Let’s start with the website . . . I thought it was time to share all the good stuff with everyone. So – I am!

No More Passwords!
Keep losing your password? Trouble logging in? Forget about it!
Everything fun and interesting at jimbrickman.com is available to you all the time with just one click. We always have so many great blog posts, videos, fan spotlights and music.

Everyone can “Beat the Box Office” for the best seats in the house with Concert Ticket Pre-Sales. (Where available.)

We love to celebrate birthdays. Make sure we know your birth date so you receive your special gift during your birthday month.
Send it to: friends@jimbrickman.com

Plus there’s always new & exclusive content is being added everyday on all of my social media. Make sure you follow, like and subscribe.

Meet & Greet
We can see each other after any concert. But remember during the holiday tour, we roll out the red carpet for our special pre-show get-together. Looking ahead, passes will be available for individual concerts! Check your card! Your current membership is good until the expiration date on the back of your card.

Bigger and Better Experiences
Starting this Fall I’m bringing you more ways we can create special memories together. Join me for dinner, get a tour of my tour bus, see backstage and you can even be my co-host on The Jim Brickman Show. Watch jimbrickman.com for a new section of the site for more information.

Expanding the Brickman Experience is so energizing! I’m inspired to make more music and I look forward to sharing it with all of you for many years to come!


Jim and John Ondrasik

Jim and John Ondrasik

What’s Jim’s Streaming?

Remember Five For Fighting?  I always loved the unique sound with such thoughtful and inspirational lyrics.  Well, I’ve been listening to the music again because I’m collaborating with John Ondrasik.

For those who don’t know John IS Five For Fighting. It’s his stage name! I’m sure you remember his songs “Superman” (Its Not Easy) and “100 Years.”

I just found out that Five For Fighting is a hockey term for time in the penalty box. John is a HUGE hockey and basketball fan.

Listen to John’s music.   You’ll understand why I’ve always been a fan of his too.


Jim has fans all over SE Asia

Jim has fans all over SE Asia

Jim’s Mail Bag

I am from the Philippines and I always sing Jim Brickman’s music during weddings, valentines day, and some occasions..

Your songs are heard in churches of any religions. Whenever I hear one of your compositions, I always ask myself “How did this person magically put the lyrics and the melody together?”

And (the Roland concert) last night was a blast, it was amazing! One of the best nights of my life. I was in tears sitting with the rest of the crowd…staring at you performing with passion on stage!

“This is a MAN full of talent and emotion”! You are one in a Trillion! Your music will live and will be heard forever!!!

Fan Day Friday

You can be in the Fan Spotlight.  Each Friday, a fan is featured on Jim’s website and on social media.

How do you get in the spotlight?  Just write a short paragraph about what Jim’s music means to you.  Try to keep it under 50 words.

Send your story along with a photo (taken with Jim if possible)
to: friends@jimbrickman.com

Sold Out!


It’s true, we sold out every last room if the Brickman block.  Worldview Travel can still find a place for you on the ship if you let us know right away!

Email friends@jimbrickman.com and we will connect you with an agent. They will work with you to find a cabin so you can still join the group.