Jim sits down for a chat with up-and-coming artist to watch MAX, the singer behind “Lights Down Low! Listen to part one of their interview here!

JB: So last week, we had the first ever Tour Bus Confidential…live, with a brand new, exciting artist. I got a chance to talk to MAX, you know him cause he’s the singer of “Lights Down Low,” which we play all the time, and you can see the whole video of our performance- I got a chance to duet with him on the song- on my Facebook page [and below]! Here’s what we had to say about the song “Lights Down Low.”

MAX: I write it for my wife and I proposed to her with it, and the fact that this is the one that people mostly know of my stuff is beautiful and never gets old.

JB: It gives me the chills when you say that. Did you write it purposely for that or did you write it and think, this is a good song to propopse with. 

MAX: I knew she was it, and we had just started dating, and I just wanted to write something for her. That was really all I was thinking about…I wrote her this song, and then when I was planning the proposal…it became our song kind of immediately, and so, uh, what better way? We would always joke about a harp player waking us up in our dream world everyday, so I hired a harp player at the same place we had our first date, and she walked in…she thought she was going to a brunch, but she showed up at the restaurant and there was a harp player, I sang the song and proposed to her.

JB: So when you hear it on the radio, and other people hear it and they connect with it, does it still feel like your song with your wife?

MAX: You know it’s been a beautiful journey with it, cause I think for us, like in any relationship, with a song or with a person, you go through your peaks and valleys, and that’s how it started. It started as just our song, and then it started to kind of be heard a lot, there was a moment when we were like, is this our song anymoreis it still us, is it just a prop for being successful or something? And I think we fell back in love with it after a while, which was beautiful, I got to sing it on the James Corden show, which was one of my favorites, and I got to sing it with the harp player for the first time since proposing to her. And in that moment, she was in the audience, and I looked at her, and there are these little moments of falling back in love with the song and with her, and that’s the best.

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Wallis’s love for music is a family affair, co-written by her Dad and performed with her sisters, “Lonely Christmas” became an internet smash leading to TV and radio appearances, retweets from Ellen Degeneres, and a spot here in the Jim Brickman Show Artist Spotlight.