Maria Menounos


Jim chats with the one and only Maria Menounos!

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JB: This one is for all you dog lovers out there… this weekend is the second annual Beverly Hills Dog Show, and I mean really, who doesn’t love a good dog show? We have actress, author and Sirius XM host Maria Menounos here to tell us all about it, Hi Maria!

MM: Thank you so much for having me!

JB: So this is the second Beverly Hills Dog show…tell us about why the Beverly Hills Dog show was created?

MM: So the Beverly Hills Dog Show, provided by Purina, is really combining the stars of Hollywood with the dog world. So I kind of liken it to the Oscars of the Dog World- ya got the stars walking the red carpet, the dogs walking the carpet and competing. There are 200 breeds competing for best in show– it’s going to air Easter Sunday at 6 PM Eastern Time. It’s a family friendly show, a lot of fun, and for me, it’s something that I really look forward to and I love getting to be a part of it beause I love dogs and just getting to, you know, sit down on a carpet and play with dogs all day is my absolute heaven.

JB: And what kinds of things can we expect to see during the dog show?

MM: Well you’ll see a lot about a program that I think is really really cool– the Muttigrees program that Purina is supporting, is really great– I got to see firsthand the impact that these muttigrees make on the children in these classrooms and then vice versa, so we are promoting this program called “Every Dog Is A Star,” where we’re asking people to post a photo or a video of their dog to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: tell us why your dog is the star of your family! If you tag #BHDogShow and tag @Purina, Purina will donate $5 to the Muttigrees program, so it’s a great cause and an easy way to get Purina to donate five bucks. So post a photo or video of your dog, tell us why they’re the star of your family, and $5 per post will be donated to the Muttigrees Program.



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