Meet Jill Doty of Utah and
Donna Wilson of OklahomaVIP Doty

I am Jill Doty from Salt Lake City, Utah and my sister Donna Wilson is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The first time I heard Jim’s music was in 1999 listening to FM 100 in Salt Lake City on my commute to/from work. At the time, they were playing the Destiny CD quite a bit. It was an instant love for Jim’s music. I purchased my first Jim Brickman CD, Destiny. Soon, I had to purchase the rest of the CDs.  This was the end of listening to FM100 on my commute.

I work for a PBS Station. An email went out to the employees of KUED that they needed people to sit in the audience for the filming of My Romance. I got free tickets for me and other family members to attend the concert. Donna came with me. She became hooked on Jim’s music also. The concert was great with Donny Osmond and Olivia Newton John. I have many memories of that first concert including when a string broke on the piano.

Since then I have been to over 30 concerts in eight different states and Canada. After the filming of the Beautiful World PBS special in 2009, I decided I needed to see the Falls and was grateful for the chance to see them with other Brickman fans.

“Jim’s music brings such peace . . .”

Jim’s music brings such peace and happiness to me.  It allows me to de-stress from things going around me. I have shared the music with family members and friends.  They have come to enjoy it as much as I have. We have a couple of great nephews who would listen to the music every night while going to sleep. I made a mixed CD for my older sister to listen to while she did her Chemo treatments. I have five sisters and we try to go once a year to a concert when Jim is in Utah.

One of my favorite songs is Simple Gifts.  It is the ringtone on my phone. When others hear, they always ask about it.

Donna and I went to the Brickman Bash in Niagara Falls last July. It was so much fun. The best part of the Bash was the private concert at the St. Mark’s Anglican Church. We are planning on going on the Alaska cruise in August.

I have been a VIP since 2002 and Donna since 2013. We enjoy the meet and greets and visiting with Jim. We have attended concerts in many different places. Sometimes when Jim sees us it takes him a minute to think about where he is. He knows where we are from and is surprised when we show up at a concert somewhere else.