Marc Cohn Interview

Jim Brickman Show November 18 & 19

 Jim Brickman:  Hey it’s Jim Brickman with you as we begin the holiday season and I’m excited cause my friend Marc Cohn is here that’s right!  Singer of the song “Walking in Memphis” and so many other hits you’re in Cleveland, both of our hometowns but you’re starting off the tour here.  How did that all come to be with Michael McDonald and everything?

Marc Cohn:  It was very simple, I mean it felt like one of those rare things where I heard about the possibility of it and then it was reality a few weeks later so here I am!

JB:  And I know as a songwriter I write a lot from…from my point of view growing up here in Cleveland, did you, did you also have inspiration from growing up here

Marc Cohn:  Well sort of, a lot of things about Cleveland are name checked in my songs.  I wouldn’t say as if its, uhm, as overt as say Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey…but uhm, I’m mention Southpark Blvd.  My dad drove his silver thunderbird around these streets.  Shaker Lake is mentioned in another song so, anybody who knows Cleveland would listen to my first record in particular and know this is where I’m from

JB: And what’s the latest in music.  Things that you’re working on?

Marc Cohn: I’m working on a new record.  I just wrote a bunch of songs for the Blind Boys of Alabama with my friend John Leventhal.  Blind Boys are cowriters on that too.   Cause they’re actually stories about their lives so those are more story songs I wrote.  But not about me, it’s about them.

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