What We Love About Fall

The List – What We Love About Fall

Brickman, Bob and Brynne are create their own exclusive Top Ten this weekend on The Jim Brickman Show.   Each host is put on the spot to share one thing they love about fall until they round out their top ten.

What We Love About Fall

10.  Pumpkin Spice Everything! – Brynne
Jim – Does Starbucks have like a shorthand?
Brynne – PSL?

Jim – No, no
Brynne – Starbs?
Jim – Oh, gee!  Come on!
9.  Clothes, Layering, Layering Clothes, Sweaters, Layering Clothes – Jim
Jim – Is that a thing?
Brynne – Yes, that’s a thing

8.  Apple Cider – Bob
Jim – I knew you were going to say that!  I don’t know why I thought
Brynne – Good one!

Jim – Spiked or just regular?
Brynne – Either!
Bob – Pick One!
7.  Fall Foliage – Brynne
Brynne – Love the colors when the leaves change

Jim – And so, so beautiful you are missing out if you’re not in this area
Bob – So I’m going to take number 6 then…
6.  Leaf Blowers – Bob
Brynne – You like those?!  You like to blow and rake your leaves?!

Bob – Yeah I love it, love the leaf blower
Jim – Oh so not the sound of it
Bob – No
Jim – You doing it
Bob – Right
Brynne – Like actually clearing out the leaves from the yard

5.  Pecan & Pumpkin Pie – Jim
Brynne & Bob – Ooohhhhhh

4.  Thanksgiving in General – Brynne
Brynne – I love that holiday!
Jim – Yeah
3.  Candy Corn – Jim
Brynne – Oooooo – good one!  Yes!  We already bought ours and we can finally put it out now!

2.  Oktoberfest Anything – Bob
Bob – Beers, brautworst, sauerkraut

Jim – Oh, wow!
1.  Candles / Fall Scents / All the Smells of Fall – Brynne
Jim – A month ago they were selling these fall candles on QVC

Brynne – Oh, jeez
Jim – But you had to buy like a hundred 
Brynne – Yeah you don’t need all that

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