Dear Evan Hansen’s Laura Dreyfuss Interview

Jim Brickman Show November 25 & 26

Jim Brickman:  Hey it’s the Jim Brickman Show and you know we’re big fans of the broadway show “Dear Evan Hanson” around here.  We we’re giving away some of the soundtracks and of course uhm, Tony awards this show has had so much impact in so many ways so I’m excited to be talking with one of the show’s stars Laura Dreyfuss is with me!  How ya doing Laura?

Laura Dreyfuss:  I’m great how are you?

JB:  Congratulations on the success of the show

LD: Thank you!

JB:  I find as you know as a songwriter there’s not a lot of stuff that really stirs my interest uhm, but this soundtrack is just, it’s so incredibly compelling it must be a lot of fun to do the show every night.

LD:  Oh yeah it’s incredible, uhm we’ve all…everyone in the cast has been apart of this show pretty much since day one.  Years ago when we doing the readings so to see it come to the fruition in this way has been just such a cool amazing experience and to be apart of a cast recording is just the coolest.

JB: For some many of our friends who are listening who maybe  haven’t seen the show or only seen it from the Tonys, tell us a little bit about the impact of the show on people and the reason you think it’s resonating.

LD: It’s a musical thats I think truly written for today.  And at the core of it, it’s all about seeking connection and I think what makes it really special is that we talk about issues that most musicals that you think of in Broadway shows are too afraid to talk about.  And we acknowledge mental illness, we acknowledge social anxiety.  And a lot of other things and Grief so I think it’s been really cool to see how deeply that resonates with people I mean after the show people are crying and telling us Thank You for telling this story and this is my story and Thank you Thank you.  And that alone is just such an amazing gift to be able to see how it’s really affecting people.

JB: And even though this is kind of like uh, a show hosted by a musician, I’m not gonna make you sing.  But I will encourage people to listen to the soundtrack and to come see you all on Broadway in dear Evan Hansen.  It’s Laura Dryfuss and we’re talking “Dear Evan Hanson” the big broadway show.  It’s the Jim Brickman Show right here.

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