Meet Twyla Knerr of Utah

Tell us a little about yourself
I live in Caldwell Idaho with Kurt. We’ve been married 36 years. We have 4 children & 4 grandkids.  I’m lucky that my children all live close so we get together often. I work part-time at Hobby Lobby  & have a small business making travel bags, purses & whatever I can make on my sewing & embroidery machines! I’ve recently started making American Girl doll clothes!

How long have you have been of a fan of Jim’s?
Since the first time I heard “Angel Eyes” I think in 1996

Who or what introduced you to Jim’s music?
I had the radio on in the car one day & “Angel Eyes” came on. I had to pull over so I could listen to it! It really moved me! I wrote down the name of the  song & Jim’s name so I wouldn’t forget! I then went out & bought the CD & that started my “obsession”!

How does Jim Brickman music tell your story?
Music has always touched my soul & Jim’s music has become an important part! I always have his music on!

How have you shared his music with others?
My children all grew up with his music. I used to play Jim’s CD’s at the day care I worked at to calm the children down. I took my parents to several concerts & have also taken several friends to concerts.

Favorite Jim Brickman song – anything solo piano or a CD?
There is a line a movie that says how I feel about choosing a favorite song: “I could no easier choose a favorite star in the sky”!

Have you ever been on the cruise or at a bash?  If so, what do you enjoy most about it.
I’ve been on 2 cruises. Kurt & I on the very first Valentine cruse in 2006! We lucky enough to be one of the couples chosen to renew our vows on stage with Jim & the Capitan of the ship! It was amazing dancing to “Destiny” while Jim played! The question & answer session was really fun!
The Karaoke night was a ball! Kurt had practiced “Love of My Life” so he could sing it to me as a surprise. But he chose the wrong song & didn’t know what was playing. He was trying so hard & then Anne came down to the stage to help him though it! To this day whenever we see Anne anywhere he says “I sang with her!”

I went on the cruise to the Mexican Rivera with my daughter Kira. I was going to go by myself but she wanted to go! It was a great time! I think the best part of that cruise was the songwriting session with Jim, Anne, & Ellen! It was amazing seeing them put together a song. That was where “Wishing Well” was wrote!

Anything you’d like to add?
I just want to say how much I love that the Brickman Chicks keep us informed!

I love that every time I go to a concert and go to the Meet & Greet Jim remembers me! It just show what a great man he is. I love his music & know the world would be a sad place if his music wasn’t in it!