Here’s whats coming on The Jim Brickman Show
March 11 & 12

Spring Ahead – Be Prepared for Daylight Saving Time

Are you ready to lose one hour of sleep this weekend?  We’ve got the key ingredient to help you transition with ease.  Read More

What’s Trending – National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month so we’re bringing you tips and tricks to celebrate BETTER nutrition all month long.  We’re starting with Dietician Ashley Koff who shares how you can bring all the colors of the rainbow to your plate to improve your diet.  Check out free tools & tips for better nutrition at Ashley’s website here!

jim-brickman-show-staff-pics-all2Name that Tune – All About Time

We’re celebrating Daylight Saving Time with a special time edition of Name That Tune.  Can Brickman finally dethrone Brynne?  Or will Brynne’s Musical reign continue over the acclaimed songwriter.  Play along and find out who takes the prize by listening here.


Brickman Book Club – The Magic Treehouse Celebrates a Milestone

Remember the adventures of Jack & Annie time traveling in their Magic Treehouse?  Author Mary Pope Osborne joins the show to talk about The Magic Treehouse series turning 25 this year.  She shares with Jim how she came up with the idea, where the kids are headed next and when you can see them on the silver screen.  Check out the entire series here and for your chance to win a copy from the series check out Jim’s Facebook page.

Brickman Box Office – Kong: Skull Island

The King of the Jungle takes his turn in the Brickman Box Office.  Where did he rank on the Brick-Scale?

Bob – Excited to see the movie / 4 Bricks
Brynne – Waiting for DVD or RedBox release / 3 Bricks
Jim – No interest whatsoever / 1 brick

Check out the Trailer and share your Brick Rating with us in the comments below!

Vacation All I Ever Wanted – Save this Spring Break

Looking to getaway for Spring Break but working under a budget?   We welcome back Jeanenne Tornatore who’s giving us tips on great vacations under a budget.  Find some great out-of-the-box vacation ideas for Spring Break plus great travel packages at orbitz.com

Bachelor BracketBachelor Bracket

In the final two weeks of the Bachelor, Bob and Brynne have had about enough of Nick.  With the anti-climatic exit of the next Bachelorette Rachel,  the final week comes down to Vanessa and Raven.  Who will Nick choose?  Will he be the first Bachelor ever to be turned down for an engagement?  Bob and Brynne are convinced Nick will strike out a fourth time on the show, in the most shocking turn of events, in Bachelor history.