Here’s whats coming on The Jim Brickman Show

February 18 & 19, 2017



Finding your Fit – We talk with Fitness expert and Author Kathleen Trotter  great ways to find your fitness personality.  Plus, Kathleen shares unhealthy “Healthy” Foods.  Find out more.

Cut the Clutter – Looking for great tips to stay organized?  Author Cynthia Kyriazis gives us great suggestions on how to keep your house organized.  Get your copy here.

 The Brickman Book Club- We talk to Victoria Aveyard, author of the series “Red Queen”, about the third installment of her series “King’s Cage”.  What can you expect from the 3rd book of the series?  Get your copy here!

Your Zodiac Love Match – It’s Love Month!  Who is your perfect Zodiac Match? Being Aquarians, Brynne and Bob’s match well with Libra or Gemini.  Jim’s a Scorpio, the most challenging of all signs.  What’s your perfect Zodiac match?  Click here to find out.

The Brickman Box Office –This week, the Movie “Fist Fight” faces the Brick Gauntlet.  Starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day and Tracy Morgan, the movie doesn’t fair well on the Brick Scale.  Brynne and Bob give it a single brick while Jim only gives it a half.  How many Bricks would you give?  Check out the trailer here and let us know!

The Bachelor Bracket – Nick’s Reign of terror continues.  Bob is upset that Nick doesn’t hold Rose ceremonies and sends four more girls home this week, including one of his favorites, Danielle M.

The Perfect Winter Getaway – Looking to get away from the cold?  We talk travel with Jeanenne Tornatore from Orbitz.com, who shares great getaway ideas in the Florida Keys.  Traveling before spring break can save you hundreds of dollars.  Plan your trip today.