Meet Beth Boyce of Wisconsin

Tell us a little about yourselves.beth-2
I’m the same age as Jim. I’ve been single all of my life, but am engaged to be married March 17, 2017 to “The Love of My Life”. I have 1 son, Blake, who is 24 years old and my partner in music appreciation. I’m the CFO of a Water and Theme Park Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

How long have you have been of a fan of Jim’s?
I’ve been a fan of Jim’s since the early 90s when Angel Eyes first got radio play in Madison, Wisconsin by Magic 98. The first time I saw Jim in concert it was with my friend, Mary. We held our breath with each song and sighed at the end of each song then burst into applause. That was when Jim would explain that the song wasn’t done until that last sustained note had finished.

When Jim played a benefit concert for 9/11 at the Mitby Theater in Madison, WIson
I introduced my young son, Blake, to that live concert experience.  He always dressed up to see Jim in concert and at that first concert, he looked up at me with wide eyes and thanked me for bringing him.  He loves music of all kinds and has great appreciation for Jim’s music.  He’s now 24 and lives in Las Vegas.  He will be married this July.  He said he’d like to “Boyce-nize” some Brickman music and see what Jim would think of that!

Who or what introduced you to Jim’s music?
Radio play on Magic 98 – Madison, WI

What does Jim’s music do for you?
I’ve always loved piano, but Jim’s music is especially dear to my heart. It is my calm in the storm. It is my comfort in sadness. It is my joy and voice in love and relationships. When stress of work deadlines is taking it’s toll, Jim’s music gets me through. I’ve played his music in times of joy and in deep grief. It’s the sound of my life.

How have you shared his music with others?carnival-magic-120316-042-copy

Everyone knows that I love Jim’s music especially trying to get my fiance into it. He’s attended 3 concerts with me. He’s warming up to it. Had to sweeten the deal with Packer tickets last year for the concert in Green Bay. I’ll be using a lot of Jim’s music at my wedding in March.

Favorite Jim Brickman song – anything solo piano or a CD?
I have a hard time picking a favorite. Angel Eyes will always be our 1st. Depending on what’s going on in my life different songs hit me in different ways. This Christmas I was missing my son and Sending You A Little Christmas brought tears to my eyes and tugged at my heart strings. I’m looking for the perfect Jim Brickman song to walk up the aisle.

Have you ever been on the cruise or at a bash? If so, what did you enjoy most about it.
I was on the Escape Cruise in 2013. I was also included in the private dinner and really enjoyed that time with Richard and Sally Brickman, as well as Jim. It was quite exquisite. I loved the small venue concerts and personal time spend with Jen and John and all of the Brickman crew.

Favorite perks about the VIP site or being a VIP?
I always enjoyed the meet and greets, getting to say hello and get a picture with Jim.beth-4 One Valentine’s concert, I joked as I often did, that Jim was my boyfriend and “date” for the night, as I attended that concert as a single. Jim was very good natured about it and I had a special Valentine’s day.

Anything you’d like to add?
Jim is so talented and caring. I wish him all the best in his life. Even though his music doesn’t give him the feelings that it gives all of us, I hope he finds peace and calm in knowing how much he affects all of us. I’m blessed each time that I hear those beautiful notes.