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It’s so important to give back to others, especially our men & women serving our country overseas and here at home.  Listen to find out how you can share your support through the USO

Jim Brickman – It is the Jim Brickman Show and this weekend we are talking with the USO.  You know it’s been 16 years since they started their iconic Operation Care Package Program and they’re supporting so many of you that have been hit by the hurricanes.  This has been such an important part of the USO’s mission.  Alan Reyes is joining us and he’s the Senior VP of Operations and Programs at the USO.  Thank you so much for talking with us Alan.
Alan Reyes – Jim thanks so much for having me
JB – I think a lot of people imagine that the USO primarily focuses their time and effort on Care Package on the men & women who are serving overseas, but really you’re support of disaster relief and relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey & Irma are just as important.
AR – They absolutely are.  You know at the USO our mission really – and we were chartered by Congress to support our armed forces but you know our Coast Guard and our National Guard members that are back here in the United States, as well as our military that are serving here in the United States, are an important part of what we do.

“We have 200 plus locations around the world, most of them here in the United States because we know that our service members and their families, whatever service they are whatever branch they might be in, they really need and deserve that support through the USO and really through the generosity and support of the American people that support us in that endeavor.”

JB – Talk about what the USO does to support not only the men and women in the armed forces, but also our communities and all Americans really.
AR – Yeah you know the USO is an important part of supporting our military but really providing a bridge to the military for the American people.  You know so few people serve in the military and it’s important for the rest of us in America to provide support and strengthening us through organizations like the USO.  You mentioned our, as a place to go to learn how you can do more of that, how you can send a direct message of support to our service members that are either deployed overseas or provide disaster relief efforts back here at home.  They can get that message through the USO, but they know that they’ve got the support of the American people when they’re doing their most important job to take care of us and take care of our national interests.
JB – Really important work and it’s so wonderful to know that you are being helpful in the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  This is something I don’t think a lot of people know about the USO, so we’re very thankful for the men & women who are serving and the volunteers that are helping with this cause.

Did You Know?  Jim’s hit Christmas song Sending You A Little Christmas was used as a theme song for Operation Care Package.  Hear more about the song below

More About the USO

The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation. At hundreds of locations worldwide, we are united in our commitment to connect our service members and their families through countless acts of caring, comfort, and support. The USO is a private, non-profit organization, not a government agency. Our programs, services and entertainment tours are made possible by the American people, support of our corporate partners and the dedication of our volunteers and staff.

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More on Alan Reyes

As Senior Vice President of Operations & Programs, Alan Reyes sets the operational strategy and leads the delivery of high-impact programs and services to troops and their families. He proudly serves alongside hundreds of staff members and over 30,000 USO volunteers to serve more than 10 million service members and military family members every year through the USO’s global network of centers, through its programs, and on its entertainment tours.

A Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy Reserve, Reyes has deployed multiple times to the Middle East in command of logistics and customs missions, to Haiti in support of disaster relief operations, and across the Pacific as the supply officer on a fast attack submarine. He currently serves as the Reserve Director for Logistics, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Reyes graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1990 and from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business in 2000. He completed the Harvard Business School executive education program for strategic non-profit management in 2012.

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