Garage Sales with Facebook Marketplace

A step-by-step guide to cleaning up clutter and making some cash without leaving the couch!

It’s the time of year where you finally sit down, look around, and fully realize just how much clutter you amassed over the summer. With the holidays coming, and inevitably, even more clutter, it’s a very appropriate time to expel the old and make way for the new– but who has time to manage an in-person garage sale? Well, did you know that you can now have a virtual one, thanks to Facebook Marketplace?

It’s true! We spoke to Facebook Marketplace’s Deb Liu on the Jim Brickman show and she broke down the process for us.


Listen to Jim’s Interview with Facebook Marketplace’s Deb Lou!


Step 1: Click on the “Marketplace” icon on Facebook. Browse through hundreds of items for sale, including apparel, furniture, bakeware, you name it! This will also help you get an idea of how to write your item description.

Step 2: Upload a photo, add a description, and post it directly to your community and neighbors!

Step 3: Negotiate price and establish a meeting point between buyer and seller. To ensure maximum safety, make sure to check out your potential buyer’s profile– maybe you have a few mutual friends, or you’ll be able to see that they’ve been a Facebook user for years. Meet up in a public place and wait to accept or transfer any money until you’ve seen the item in person!

Go to Facebook Marketplace today and start your own sale!

More about Facebook’s Deb Liu


Deb Liu runs Facebook’s Marketplace. Named one of the most powerful female engineers of 2017 by Business Insider, Deb is a 15-year veteran in the tech industry. Prior to Facebook, she spent several years in product management roles at PayPal and eBay. She co-created the Women in Product nonprofit in Silicon Valley after realizing that there was no forum for this underrepresented community to connect.

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