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Game Day Buffet Gumbo

Serving up ‘game day buffet gumbo’ is a delicious alternative to chili. Your football fanatics will definitely take a time out for this super bowl. loaded with sausage, chicken and shrimp plus traditional Cajon seasoning. This gumbo recipe from the heart of Alabama. The author is a big fan of the Crimson Tide. I guess his friends like to watch football at his house because he serves this wonderful dish.

You know how you get invited to someone’s house to watch your favorite football team. There’s always chips and salsa, veggies, dip and good ole American chili. I like chili as much as the next guy. But what a surprise it would be if my friends served something different – like gumbo. I wouldn’t want to distract from the big game, but I think everyone would sit up and take notice.

If you aren’t a football fan, just pop in one of my CDs, then light a fire, curl up with someone you love and enjoy a bowl of gumbo. I recommend the music of HOME this time of year. As they say in Louisiana “let the good times roll!”

I hope you enjoy this Game Day Buffet Gumbo recipe from the Beautiful World cookbook. The book filled with wonderful All-American and International recipes submitted by my friends across the country and around the world..
– Jim


Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo

Alabama Gumbo

This serves 8 or 4 real hungry football watching fools! Roll Tide!
– Gary Osborn, Alabama

Gumbo Ingredients

Game Day Buffet Gumbo

Game Day Buffet Gumbo

1 – 16 oz. Polish sausage
1 – 16 oz. Medium Shrimp, heads off
1 – 16 oz. Chicken Breast
1- 12 oz. Can Diced Tomatoes
1 – 10 oz. can Rotel Tomatoes
1 – 16 oz. Bag Frozen Gumbo Vegetables
1 – 16 oz. Box Zataran Gumbo Rue with Rice
1    Dash Cajon Seasoning
2 oz. Butter



  1. Thin slice sausage and saute with butter and Cajon seasoning in large boiler until brown
  2. Microwave chicken until done
  3. Add chicken to sausage mixture
  4. Add 6 Cups of water with Zataran gumbo mix and bring to a boil.
  5. Add diced and Rotel tomatoes and frozen vegetables to the rue and bring all of the mixture including meat to a boil.
  6. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes or until veggies are soft and rice has risen to the top.
  7. Add shrimp and let them turn pink and absorb the rue.
  8. Reduce heat to warm and serve Gumbo with crackers and Louisiana hot sauce to taste.

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