Have you ever seen those contests where you get to pick the new flavor of your favorite snack?  Well Lays is letting you shape the Lays potato chips lineup.  Tina Mahal, the Director of Marketing at Frito Lay, is telling us how we can be involved in the new Flavor Swap Challenge and have a chance at winning $250,000.

Jim Brickman: What is this Flavor Swap Challenge, Tina?

Tina Mahal: We actually – for the first time in history – we’re asking consumers to not just tell us what the next great Lays potato chip should be, but with the new Flavor Swap program, we’re actually asking consumers to try some of our classic flavors versus some new contemporary alternatives and telling us what they think should stay or go.  Really giving consumers the opportunity to reshape our entire flavor portfolio.  And for lending their voice, consumers have an opportunity to win $250,000 at the end of the contest.

Jim: And how do you decide on them?

Tina: Spices from all around the world continue to grow in popularity, so we know that exotic flavors from various cuisines around the world have become important.  American staples are also something that are getting highlighted so people have gone and taken classics and done twists on them so that’s definitely been a trend.  And then a big twist on herbs, we’ll be using floral flavors…and so we really wanted to play in that herb space as well.  Playing off the trends that are really important to our consumer.

Jim: So we can vote and then someone who does wins $250,000?

Tina: So you can go to flavorswap.com.  So the voting goes all the way to until March the 21st you can buy all of these flavors and the classics at any grocery store or any store where’d you normally buy Lays.  Then you can go to flavorswap.com to vote for which flavor should stay and which flavor should go.  Every day consumers go and vote they’re entered to win a $1,000 daily prize and at the end of the contest, one lucky winner for lending us their voice and telling us what they think will win $250,000

For more on Lays Flavor Swap Challenge visit http://flavorswap.com.  See the flavors, give them a try and let your voice be heard for a chance to win $250,000.

Photo copyright Stephanie Diani 2015