IMG_2475Laney Quinlan, Illinois

I have seen you in person twice, it was nice to see a concert from the comfort of my own home! That was just the thing I needed after a crazy day at work.

Your music has made a huge impact on my students. I am a preschool/float teacher at a child care center in McHenry, IL. The morning teacher, myself, and our assistant always had a problem getting our kids to settle down for naptime.

I brought your music, and the morning teacher agreed to give it a try. Well, not only do the teachers like it, but it helps calm the students down and helps them get to sleep! Sometimes I am “floated” to different age groups. Today, I was in early preschool and much like the preschoolers, they had trouble settling down at naptime.

I theorized that maybe your music would have the same effect on them so I grabbed one of your CDs. By the time we reached the 5th or 6th track, most of the early preschoolers had fallen asleep and all were settled on their cots.

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