Karen Bertram, California

I wanted to let you know of a sweet story we have for your CD Picture This.

When our now 23 year old son would not go to sleep at night, we came up with the idea to play your CD in his room for him to fall asleep with, primarily because it was one of my favorites.  We played that CD over and over again as our son grew up.  We even took the CD with us when we traveled.

We have a vacation home in the desert in Arizona a few hours from where we live.  When our son would travel there with us, he couldn’t sleep as it was so quiet.  So we copied our CD onto the computer we had there and played it again and again until he fell asleep.

Recently, our son took another trip with us to our desert home and when we turned on the computer we saw the music there from many years ago and played it.  Our son laughed at the memory of how he would go to sleep to your music.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift over the years.

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