Don't Worry, Be Happy

“Whether sunshine whether rain, I can weather any weather with you.”

Spring is here and I'm celebrating the new season with new music.  Writing music, listening to music and playing music always brings me a sense of joy and peace.  It inspires me to keep creating and playing new music for all of you.

Since it's not only the first day of Spring, but also International Day of Happiness, I thought what better way to celebrate than by re-releasing my BELIEVE album as a special DELUXE edition.  

Enjoy some inspiring instrumentals, up-beat collaborations and happy hits like "Good Morning Beautiful."
Use my Believe playlist to get you in the mood for spring and give you a boost of happiness all season long! 

Listen to this Exclusive Preview


1.  Sunshine in the Rain
2.  The Road Before Us
3.  Daybreak
4.  As the River Flows
5.  Hand in Hand
6.  The Wind
7.  Your Smile
8.  Passage of Time
9.  Fireflies

10.  Possibilites
11. Thinking of You
12. Believe
13. Without You in My Life
14. Good Morning Beautiful (ft. Luke McMaster)
15. Big Sky (Solo Piano Version)
16. In the Quiet Hours
17. Edgewater (Dream Mix)
18. Awake

Believe Deluxe is available on iTunes, Spotify, Title, Amazon Music, YouTube and Apple Music.

Play Along with Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman's new songbook includes "Fly" from the album Soothe

Jim Brickman has just released the new songbook Words & Music.  Watch the video to hear how Jim picked the songs to include and why he felt it was time to include "Fly" from Soothe.  Play through your Jim Brickman favorites and the hits from over 10 different albums!

Purchase your copy of Words & Music today and you'll receive a "Play Along with Jim Brickman" video for the song "Fly"