I’m often asked if I ever get start-struck working with some of the incredible collaborators in my career.   My answer is generally “No, because it’s their talent that I admire.  That’s why we are working together.” 

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with one of my very first “idols.” I wasn’t star struck, but it was definitely a “pinch me” moment.

When I was 7
Everyone loves Dick Van Dyke, especially me.  When I was 7 years old I saw him play Bert in the movie “Mary Poppins.”  I was so enamored that I asked my mom if I could call him. Her answer, “You can’t just pick up the phone and call Dick Van Dyke.”  But 50 years later, I did just that and he happily accepted my invitation to be on my Christmas special.

A Real Life “Idol”
Mr. Van Dyke was every bit as charming and talented and I hoped he’d be. He’s very down to earth, and he loved to talk!  At 91, he’s still as energetic and agile as the younger man I admired on TV and in the movies. All I can say is “it was surreal having him sit on the piano bench with me.”  I can’t wait for you to see him on the special. There’s also a special interview I know you’ll love.  The little kid in me was pretty pleased to make that call and say how much I liked him.