How could I possibly take a daily vacation with my busy schedule? Where would I go? What would I do?  There’s no way!  How can I even justify pushing back for a minute or two? My buddy David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli has some tips on why and how we could all benefit from a daily vacation.

Give Yourself a BreakTake A Daily Vacation
“I use 1:11 pm as a sacred time, and it’s also a special time in numerology. I even set my an alarm at 1:11.

At that time, I push back from whatever it is I’m doing and enjoy.  I’ll enjoy sunshine, savor a piece of chocolate or listen to a Bob Marley song.

Work . . . Work . . . Work
In American culture, we put so much emphasis on work and productivity. That’s not all bad, but it’s not all good.  We can take a cue from ancient Eastern cultures which are not as productive or modern, but more evolved and wise.

Take Time
They take more time to rest, to pray, to savor.  Keep it simple. Take a little vacation . . . . everyday!


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We can’t all take a break at 1:11 but here’s the reason Dave Romanelli likes it!

The number 1 resonates with motivation, new beginnings, and striving forward as well as insight, self-leadership, and inspiration.
The number 11 resonates with the principles of awakening and enlightenment.
The number 111 is known to tell you to be very aware of your thoughts and ideas. You should monitor your thoughts carefully and only think about what you want – not what you don’t want. This will help these positive thoughts more quickly manifest into a reality.

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