Crushing Hunger

with Laura Vitale


Jim Brickman: Sharing a nightly meal is a cherished tradition for a lot families, but not all of us are able to enjoy this quality time so Cooking channel host & celebrity chef Laura Vitale is here to share how you can help more than 1.1 million families who are living in hunger just by making the right choices at the grocery store.  Laura thanks for being here this weekend.

Laura Vitale: Thank you so much for having me!

JB: And Many people forget that there are so many people in the United States suffering from hunger or “food insecurity.”  What are the latest statistics?

LV: I think you’re going to be really shocked to hear that one in eight Americans suffer from Food Insecurity.  And basically that just means that they don’t know what their next meal is going to come from and that  includes nearly 13 million children.  That to me is outrageous, it’s outrageous it shouldn’t be this way which is why  I was really excited to partner with Red Golden Tomatoes in hopefully lowering the statistics and helping “Crush Hunger” which is a big issue.  and we want to whatever it takes to make sure those numbers are lowered as much as possible.

JB:There is a great initiative happening this month called Crush Hunger.  Tell us more about how we can get involved.

LV:  You know Red Gold is a four generation family company they started 1942 and what they wanted to do in 1942 and what they did do they wanted to feed the troops. and so 75 years later they still want to feed those in needs!  Which I think is unbelievable so they thought well how can we make it as easy as possible for families to help other families.  So we love a family meal time and we think it’s really important not only for your stomach obviously but for your soul. It’s a good time to connect with your kids and with each other so when you’re getting read to make that family meal with every…if you make a meal using a Red Gold Tomato product a Red Gold Tomato canned product such as Red packed russo, Red Gold and hoy fung, a Meal is donated to someone in need via Feeding America Food Bank, so it’s one to one for every can sold, one meal is donated.

JB:  Laura since you’re here, would you stay with us and maybe share a recipe that would make a great family meal this October?

LV: Absolutely!

JB:  Great We’re “Cooking On the Radio” with Laura Vitale, next on the Jim Brickman Show