December Newsletter

A Note From Jim

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” -Calvin Coolidge

Jim Brickman Pure Piano Tour About Jim BrickmanOne of the fun things I enjoy most during the holidays is being part of your celebration.

In December there are so many different holidays being celebrated. Christmas, Chanukah and Kwaanza are the most traditional . . . and jokingly “Festivus for the rest of us!”

I find it so interesting to travel from city to city and see the different traditions and festivities. I really learn so much from you about how you make the holiday your own. You are baking cookies, helping out in soup kitchens, caroling, lighting candles, worshipping, volunteering, feasting and best of all being with those you love. Everyone I meet has the same message of the season. It’s about standing heart to heart and hand in hand. Wherever you are . . . however you celebrate, I hope you find comfort and joy with those around you.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and all the best in 2017!

Jim Brickman Signature - A Note from Jim

On The Road

comfort-and-joy-tour-en-route-to-charlotteSo far everyone is having a great time!

Kris Allen is so nice and a great addition to the tour.  We’ve enjoyed some late night PB&J sandwiches made by Anne.  We watched Frozen on the bus TV one night after our matinee in Wilmington.

We’ve enjoyed some great dinners with fans in Pittsburgh, Batavia, Wilmington, and Charlotte,   and accompanied some very talented young pianists and local choirs.

Now the full gang is here!  Bob arrived yesterday to run sound for the rest tour and Matt is here to videotape.

This picture was of us on our day off when we were en route to Charlotte, NC at a truck stop.

In The Office

Wendy and Ellen Modeling ScarvesDoes anything happen in Jim’s office while he’s on tour?  Oh yes!

The “elves”, Wendy and Ellen are holding down the fort, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Wendy is packing and shipping the orders so they reach their destinations by Christmas.  She makes sure everything runs smoothly for the tour; checking on hotels, the bus, tickets and merchandise.  Looking ahead to 2017, Wendy is even booking new concerts for the Pure Piano tour.

Ellen is communicating with fans on social media and email. She makes sure you are all happy, questions are answered, and VIP cards are in your hands.  She’s busy making plans for the Alaska Cruise.

Thank you for the Christmas cards that are now decorating the office.  Have a magical season!

What’s On Jim’s iPod

I’m not listening to Christmas music…   I’m not listening to any music.
I’ve got an audio book, Jim Henson: The Biography.

It is a complete history of his short but legendary. There are interviews with his family, friends and collaborators.

I love hearing about the creation of the Muppets. Jim Henson and his exceptional creativity have always been a huge influence on me. Going behind the scenes and hearing the back-stories make him an even more influential part of my life.

Jim’s Mail Bag

I am writing you tonight with tears streaming down my face.  Three generations, my husband, my daughter Madelyn whom is 6, and my in-laws have just enjoyed your AMAZING Christmas concert in Wilmington.

I just can’t thank you, Anne, and Kris enough to help get us in the Christmas Spirit.  From the first few notes you played, I just started crying.  It was so beautiful and spending time with you and my family was what I needed.

Since my first concert, my husband as well as my in-laws have seen you so many times, I feel like you are one of the family at times.  Your music is part of my soundtrack of my life.

Tonight, was Madelyn’s first experience seeing you in concert and I cannot get her big smile out of my head.  She loved it!!  She was on the edge of her seat mesmerized! To watch the concert through my daughter’s eyes made tonight that much more special.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Comfort and Joy to my family’s lives.  Your music and passion mean so much to me.  And I look forward to many more years of music and concerts.
Brenda F, Newark DE

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