Brickman Buzz: Millionaires, Matchmaking & Money

Brickman, Bob & Brynne are buzzing this weekend.  Bob wants to be a millionaire, Brickman may be set up by one and Brynne is ready to make a Love Connection!  Listen to the full segment below!

Buzz - Millionaire & Matchmaker

Part 1

Bob needs an agent.  Why?  So he can rent a yacht like the ones he’s been seeing on Bravo’s Below Deck.  The only problem is he needs to become a millionaire to rent one.  And speaking of millionaire’s Jim connected with the host of another Bravo Show The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Does this mean Patti wants to welcome Jim into the Millionaire’s Club and help him meet his match?

Part 2

Brynne just watched a preview for Andy Cohen’s new show Love Connection, which she had no idea was a re-boot from the original.  Bob & Brickman reflect on the show of old while Brynne is ready for the new.  But Bob & Jim decide to have some fun and come up with what would be Brynne’s bio if she were a contestant.


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