Brickman Buzz: Coffee Talk

Brickman, Bob & Brynne are buzzing – more than usual this weekend – thanks to their daily dose of coffee.  But a new study reveals when and if you should drink coffee to make the most of a workout.  Listen to the full Brickman Buzz below!

Brickman Buzz Coffee Talk

A study was just released by the New York Times that says drinking coffee before an exercise, race or athletic competition will increase performance.  Someone can drink coffee every day but still get the buzz when the time comes to perform.  In the past, it’s been encouraged to stop drinking coffee until the big day.  But that’s not the case – as long as you drink your “cup of joe” an hour before hitting the gym it will “enable most athletes to run, bike, swim, or otherwise perform a little faster or more vigorously than if they do not have caffeine first.”


Alarm Clock & Coffee

Does coffee cause dehydration?  Jim thinks so – since he’s been drinking it so much and thinks that’s what is the cause.  But the other thing to think about is your genes.  Yes, how you react to coffee may have something to do with your genetic makeup according to this study published in the New York Times.  Of course what Bob wants to know is if it reacts differently depending on the types of jeans you’re wearing: Levi’s, Wrangler, etc.  And Brynne learned something new – the darker the roast the less caffeine in the coffee!

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