Week after week on TV we sadly see survivors of hurricanes and natural disasters standing in the rubble that was once their home…  or knee deep in floodwaters.  They aren’t screaming “Why me?” They are saying, “We will re-build. Thank goodness we weren’t hurt.” Somehow, they are staying positive.

Focus on the Positive
Hard as it may sound, with everything occurring around us, it’s really important to focus on the positive and count our blessings. My buddy David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli has some tips for finding more gratitude in your life.

Shift Your Thinking
Philosophically, living with gratitude changes your approach from
“What can I take?” to “What can I give?”  The old adage is that wise men count their blessings while fools count their troubles.

Be Grateful Now
It feels so much better to focus on what’s good in your life instead of what’s not so good.  Everything shifts when you live in gratitude.  And it starts in an instant. If you’re not grateful for what you have right now, how will you be grateful for what you hope for in the future.

Count Your Blessings All Day and Night
Don’t go to bed worried and anxious at night.  Count your blessings.  Take a few minutes as you lie down to think of five things for which you are grateful.  This soothes the mind, puts everything into perspective and truly helps you fall asleep.  And don’t limit this to just a bedtime ritual. Throughout the day, stop and take a moment to say thank you for all that’s good in your life.

Repeat After Me
Here is the mantra “Thank you…Thank You . . .Thank you . . .”  (Repeat)


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