Learn Something New

It’s back to school time. Are you a fresh start person or the one who get back to the routine that you left behind for the summer? I’m a bit of both. I still love learning like to try new methods for looking and feeling my best.

I love listening to crazy skin tips and think I might try them – someday. I have a ton of beauty experts on my radio show and they share the latest tips.

Get Rid of Puffs
If you are really stressed out, bags develop under your eyes. You don’t have to walk around looking like a zombie from The Walking Dead. To reduce puffiness, just keep two metal spoons in your freezer and put the back of the spoon on each eye. I actually tried this and it worked.

Another tip that’s a little messier starts with brewing green tea. Squeeze most of the water out of the tea bags then let the tea bags cool. Put the cool bags on your bags.

Lose  Those Lines
Another quick skin tip is about moisturizers. I can’t bring myself to spend $50 on a tiny jar of cream boasting that it will erase all lines in my face. I can get something less expensive and more effective. Go to the grocery store or GNC and get Vitamin E oil. Put a dab on any lines, wrinkles or scars. It really does work on facial lines. You can try it for under $5.

Looking fresh and renewed is always in style.

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