This weekend it’s the Bachelor Bracket – Week 3 with Bob & Brynne…with no Brickman!  Jim Brickman decided to protest the “Bachelor Bracket;” but, since Bob & Brynne are the producers of The Jim Brickman Show, they get final say.  It’s week 3 on ABC’s The Bachelor and the consensus of Brynne & Bob is that Corinne is crazy.  Listen below to find out how long they think she’ll last…

The Contender’s of the Week

Brynne – Danielle L.  “She won the rose in the group date, won a one-on-one dance being serenaded by The Backstreet Boys with Nick, and she just seems to be going in the right direction, head’s in the right place.  I really, really like her.  Mix of maturity and fun all in one.”

Bob – Rachel  “She’s the only one right now who has 2 roses from something other than a rose ceremony, which is the first impression rose and then she got one at the cocktail party.  So whatever she’s selling, Nick is currently buying.”

Current Standings:

Who is your top contender and who do you think will be “The One” for Nick? Share in the comments below & tune in for another Bachelor Bracket!!