Attitude For Gratitude

When you do something kind for others, you’re the one who gets the positive mood-booster shot. There’s actually a study that shows that those who keep a daily gratitude journal feel better bout their lives than those who write about hassles and annoyances. Even those keeping a journal on a weekly basis feel better, exercise more regularly and report fewer symptoms and feel better about their lives as a whole. They are even more optimistic about the coming week.

How to get started.
Someone gave this idea that’s so essy I have to share it with you. Write someone a thank you note today. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a simple note or email saying “I want to say thanks for____” Imagine how that would brighten up someone’s day. But here’s the secret. It will brighten up your own as well.

Gratitude Chain
I do know that when you give more than you get, everyone wins. Why not write “I was thinking about you today and want to say that I appreciate you in my life.” Send out ten of those emails next week and start a gratitude chain event that touches your life – and even the lives of people you’ll never know. It’s a small action that costs nothing, but the gain is beyond measure.

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