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Kathryn Dean

Kathryn Dean has a brand new single “Bad Girls Make the News” and is heading out on some great tours this fall.  Kathryn called in to The Jim Brickman Show to share what it really means to be a bad girl – and it’s not what you think.  Hear the full interview and song below!


Jim Brickman – Yes and this weekend we welcome back an old friend to The Jim Brickman Show – Kathryn Dean.  Kathryn has her brand new single “Bad Girls Make the News.”  So the new single it already gets me wondering what the song could be about.  So straight from the source, what is the message of the song? 
Kathryn Dean – So the song actually comes from – it’s inspired by this quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and it says, “Well behaved women seldom make history.”  And I’ve always found that very inspirational so this song’s kind of about you know being bad in the sense of either ignoring or breaking free from the confines of the certain person people expect you to be and being true to yourself and what you think is the right thing to do.
JB – So to be clear it’s not about being a bad girl, it’s about being true to yourself, even though it may go against what someone else is saying or wanting you to do.
KD – Yeah and I think in this industry and just in life I think some things are expected.  And there have been times where I’ve been told that’s just not done or this is what people do – and you know I think it’s important to constantly be asking questions of why is it important, why is this what’s done and why can’t something else be done.  So I think it’s about – more than anything – just questioning and not kinda taking an answer as this is the only thing that can be done and standing up for yourself and making sure that things are being done the right way and not just the traditional way.
JB – Well Kathryn, congratulations on the new single and good luck with the current and upcoming tours.
KD – Thank you for having me!

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With captivating vocals that range from warm and sultry to gritty and unforgiving, Kathryn Dean tells the stories that are central to the human experience in a unique and clever way. Cognizant of the power of music, Kathryn pays great attention to the messages of her songs 

songs. She promotes not the pursuit of perfection, but rather the wisdom that comes with learning from mistakes and the power and strength that are earned every time defeat is transformed into victory.

Eager to share that message and perform her songs nationwide, Kathryn spent the last year touring with established acts including Anna Nalick, Howie Day, Tiffany and the iconic John Waite. She crisscrossed the mid west three times, the east coast twice, performed frequently on the west coast, played at a NASCAR summer rally, and continues to tour throughout 2017 with American Idol Winner 

Kathryn DeanDavid Cook on a 32 State Tour and again in November with Idol Winner Lee DeWyze. Other notable performances, appearances and interviews in the last two years have included Billboard Magazine Live, iHeartRadio, Cumulus Radio Group, AOL Live, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and a 14-page feature in Regard Magazine.

Given her penchant for storytelling, it is no surprise that Kathryn’s music has had many placements in major network television shows, including those on CBS, Fox, and NBC.

Outside of the United States, Kathryn’s music has been featured on a variety of major, primetime television dramas with character attachments on Malhacao and A Regra do Jogo. Her music has also been featured on a compilation album for Alto Astra along with Sam Smith, John Legend, and Ed Sheeran. The result of these placements has been over 32 million YouTube views and an ever-growing international fan base. Kathryn’s latest trip to Brazil included live performances on Encontro Con Fatima (Brazil’s top entertainment talk show) and the carnival episode of Malhacao, as well as a concert at the Globo kiosk at the world famous Ipanema Beach.

Kathryn is now completing her second album featuring multiple songs produced by Grammy nominated producer, Chris Seefreid and will be touring nationally with a variety of artists in 2017.



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