“In a pinch, I could haul this thing out in concert and put on a whole show.”

Brickhouse Studios, in collaboration with Roland, is excited to bring you the JB-KB88-103ha The result of years and years and years of painstaking collaboration to get every feature right, down to the last button.

“Each letter has a fully-weighted, touch sensitive, graded hammer mechanism.”

When Jim first approached Roland about the idea of making a piano focused computer keyboard, they were excited. Integrating features for piano players seemed like a natural fit for the company, despite their lack of experience in the computer keyboard space.  Engineers were tasked with replacing the normal scissor mechanism placed beneath each letter with a fully-weighted, touch sensitive, graded hammer mechanism. It’s truly incredible what they were able to pack into this thing.

Straight from the engineers:

“When the idea was presented to us, we were like ‘why hasn’t this been done before’ a keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard, after all.”

Featuring a rich library of piano sounds and included sampler and drum programmer, you can pair your JB-KB88-103ha to any bluetooth headset and compatible computer or mobile device.

When we happened by a select group of beta testers, the lead tester, Dan Rol, stated:

“The best part is the demo mode by far, which most artists refer to as ‘vegas mode’, all the lights do fun patterns and really impress your friends.” 

When asked about the inspiration behind the keyboard Brickman was quoted:

“As a songwriter, musician, radio host, author and piano player, having a tool like this is key to staying productive both musically and business-wise. Sometimes, I’m sitting on a plane working on a TPS report and it inspires a melody and I just need to record it right away.” Brickman said excitedly, “but, say my seat-mate on the plane isn’t wearing headphones, what’s stopping them, or anyone else from stealing my idea if I sing it into my phone? A great melody will stick in their head and next thing we know we’ll release the same song at the same time! It’s just asking for trouble! This eliminates the whole problem. It was also important to me that typing on my computer felt as natural as playing on-stage. Typing the letter “P” should have a lighter touch than a “Z,” for example. In a pinch, I could haul this thing out in concert and put on a whole show.” – America’s ‘New’ Romantic Piano Sensation (April 1, 2019)

When asked about the lack of sharps or flats there was “no comment.” 

More details about the JB-KB88-103ha! will be released on April 1, 2020


Published: April 1, 2019