On the Road – Allentown, PA

It is always a thrill to perform with an orchestra and the Allentown Symphony Orchestra was exceptional.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back in Lehigh Valley, so it was nice to be there joined by my friends and co-stars Anne Cochran & Tracy Silverman.  And since this show was in January we were lucky that the weather was on our side!  A beautiful day for traveling and night for a concert at the Miller Symphony Hall.

Although my music is written for solo piano, the added dimension of instrumentation really creates an incredible sound.  Performing with any orchestra always adds another level of preparation to our day.  What many people don’t know is that the day of the show is our first time performing all together.  Anne, Tracy and myself arrived early in the afternoon for soundcheck and then we add the symphony.

We were joined in Miller Symphony Hall by the members of the Allentown Symphony and their conductor Maestro Demkee.  Then it’s time for the first rehearsal…ever.  Maestro Demkee and I decide on the order of the set list before this rehearsal so we can run through everything once we’re all together.  We only have a certain amount of time to rehearse so time is of the essence.  Of course the Allentown Symphony Orchestra was amazing and played a performance quality rehearsal.

Once the rehearsal is wrapped that’s it until showtime!  Yes, we only get a few hours together and then that’s it.  Luckily we worked with a great group of musicians who had no problem making my songs soar off the page and fill Miller Symphony Hall.

I always have a little more nerves at a symphony show since it’s not just me on stage.  But Maestro Demkee was great to work with and the show was incredible.  Not to mention the audience.  We couldn’t have asked for a better sold-out crowd to start our 2017 season!

To all of you who were in attendance thank you for sharing the evening with all of us.  If you weren’t able to be there, I hope you have the unique opportunity to hear me perform with an orchestra.  Until then, I hope you enjoy some special snapshots from the Pure Piano concert!

Bird’s Eye View and Front Row Photos

Jim at piano in Allentown

Jim Brickman is ready to perform with the  Allentown Symphony Orchestra.

Jim Brickman with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra

Jim Brickman performing his music with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra.

Jim, Tracy and Anne at Allentown 2017

Anne Cochran hits a high note with Jim Brickman and Allentown Symphony Orchestra.

Tracy Silverman performs with Jim Brickman and Allentown Symphony Orchestra

Tracy Silverman performs with Jim Brickman and the Allentown Symphony Orchestra.