New Shows – New Experience! Virtual Live By Request!



Who: You and Jim Brickman!

What: A private concert event that will take place virtually

When: Friday, August 14th and Friday, August 21st, limited seating available

Where: Your couch, your kitchen table, your bed, your comfy recliner, your front porch…

Why: To enjoy a one of a kind personal concert experience with Jim!

AND: Why is Jim holding a box? Prior to the show, you will be mailed a package of 8 surprise gifts autographed by Jim to complete your LIVE experience

How: Click the button below to be a part of this Exclusive Event!


“Jim Brickman’s music brings calm where there is chaos. It soothes my soul.” – Jennifer

“Thank you for the influence your music has had on my life over the years. It is truly magical!” – Abi

“I love Jim because he makes his audience feel as if they are at his home enjoying an intimate gathering.” – Anita