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Bob interviewed the creator of the first ever 3D printing pen.  Not sure what that means?  Listen below to find out then fill out the form so you can win your very own!

Bob Heazlit – So sometimes one mistake can lead to some pretty amazing ideas and that’s exactly where the 3Doodler idea came from – a mistake!  And the man behind the idea is Max Brogue, 3Doodler CEO and founder. Max, welcome!
Max Brogue – Thank you!  Hi, it’s great to be here.
Bob – So uh first what exactly is a 3D printing pen and how is that different from a 3D printer?
Max – The 3D printing pen or the 3Doodler that we’ve created is essentially the extrusion mechanism from a 3D printer.  So if your listeners don’t know, a 3D printer is a device that creates things using plastic and it builds them up layer by layer.  The 3Doodler, is just the extrusion part and then you are there for the robot that’s creating something so you simply think of what you want to make and then you actually draw it in plastic to create something physical as a result.  Like I have a phone case and a wallet that I made for example that are my daily use items.
Bob – So um who is – is this for professionals or can anyone create with this?
Max – Oh this is for everyone.  We actually – so originally we just had one pen.  We actually have 3 pens that are available on the market.  We have the 3Doodler Starter which is for ages 6+.  It uses a biodegradable material that heats around 35-40 degrees Celcius or around 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  So you’re able to actually draw on your skin and that’s mean for younger audiences and kids – it has more of a tactile feel to it.  Then we have the 3Doodler Create, which is our mainline pen and that allows you to extrude all sorts of materials like…the world’s most common plastic…or a corn based plastic that’s biodegradable…And then finally we have the 3Doodler Pro, which is our professional offering and that’s more for the professional community.
Bob – Well yeah and now I want one!  Where can we get these?
Max – So you can get them online they’re available on Amazon, they’re available on our website the3Doodler.com.  Also Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Michael’s.  Most major retailers carry the 3Doodler.

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More on Max Brogue

From film school to computer science to toy inventor, Max’s past spans time working on She Spies, as well as three years as an R&D Max BrogueProject Manager at WowWee where he launched products including Rovio, RS Media and ChatterBots. Max co-founded WobbleWorks (the maker of the 3Doodler) in 2010.