“Christmas Where You Are”
Five for Fighting • Jim Brickman

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Lyric Video

Jim Brickman & John Ondrasik are making a lyric video for their holiday single and they want to hear from YOU!  If you’re currently serving in the military, have a family member or friend serving overseas – send in your photos, messages or videos.  Photos of you together, videos of you reuniting or if you’re in our armed forces and far away from home the message you’d like to share with your loved ones.

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This holiday season Jim Brickman & Five for Fighting are releasing a brand new holiday single titled “Christmas Where You Are.”  Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik and Brickman have been working on this song in the late spring when they first came together to talk about writing a Christmas Song.

Both seemed to have the same idea that everything has been done when it comes to Christmas.  But then they thought – has there ever been a holiday song done for our men and women in the armed forces who are far from home this time of year.  John & Jim took to Google and scoured the worldwide web for answers – the didn’t find anything.  “Christmas Where You Are” was born.

This song is a thank you to all of our men and women at home and abroad who are serving our country.  It’s a message that wherever they may be fighting for our freedom, we’re thinking of them and that it is still Christmas where they are.

Brickman & Ondrasik wrote & recorded the song in California throughout the summer. They got together to lay down the piano tracks in John Ondrasik’s studio.  Of course it took a few takes, but they finally captured Jim Brickman’s piano magic.

Behind the Scenes of the
Recording Session

Earlier this month Jim Brickman & John Ondrasik had the opportunity to perform the song “Christmas Where You Are” together LIVE in front of a studio audience or the first time ever.  John Ondrasik was filming a holiday television special for PBS in Salt Lake City and invited Jim Brickman to be his special guest.  After performing the song live, the crowd roared with applause and cheers.  Several people came up to both of them after the show to thank them for the song because either they have a friend, family member or they themselves served or are serving in the military.

Now the song has been recorded, artwork created and CDs pressed.  Jim Brickman & John Ondrasik’s new holiday song “Christmas Where You Are” is ready for you!  But you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer before you can hear the whole thing…

Christmas Where You Are
First Live Performance

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