Rachel Platten for Ford’s Warriors in Pink

Giving Back to Fans During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Rachel Platten, the singer-songwriter behind “Fight Song,” has teamed up with Ford’s Warriors in Pink in the fight to bring breast cancer survivors and patients a higher quality of life. She spoke to Jim about her involvement in the organization and the types of services Warriors in Pink provides in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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Jim Brickman: October is breast cancer awareness month, and for those who are fighting this disease, we’re getting help from “Fight Song” singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, she’s joining us this weekend. Now, you’re working with Warriors in Pink, Rachel, about bringing those battling to bring those battling breast cancer better days, how is it that you became involved with this organization?

Rachel Platten: I wanted to find a way to give back. I have a lot of fans that have just poured their hearts out to me in one-on-one meet and greets and stuff and some of them shared that they were struggling with cancer, and breast cancer in particular, so I wanted to find an organization that I believed in, that, as Ford’s Warriors in Pink describes, helps patients have more good days. It’s such a beautiful idea.

JB: And Rachel, what have you been doing this month to help breast cancer patients?

RP: Besides the music and concerts, I got to travel around the country and do these really cool things like create gift bags for patients and survivors, and we got to go deliver them, and surprise vocal students that were also breast cancer survivors in New York City, and I got to give them some mic techniques… we’ve gotten to do a lot of cool stuff together.


JB: And for all our listeners, tell us all a little more about the services that Warriors in Pink offers.

RP: Sure! They are partnered with Wanderlust and they’re doing a 21-day yoga challenge, which is so cool. I think yoga can really be an incredible resource to change your body and your mind. And then they’re partnering with Headspace, which is a meditation app that I actually use. It’s a cool way to learn how to meditate, if you’re like, “that word scares me, I have no idea what that means.”

I think that often when people are struggling, especially with a disease that’s so huge, there’s so many incredible doctors and people that can support you medically, but you need to do that work on your own, of keeping yourself positive and believing in yourself and believing that you can heal yourself, and meditation is a great way to start understanding that you have that power with your mind, often, to lift up your body, and make yourself feel better.

JB: Singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, thanks a lot for being with me this weekend, and if you want to learn more about how you can join the fight against breast cancer, just go to our website, JimBrickman.com.

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Rachel Platten for Warriors in Pink

Rachel Platten Growing up in Boston, Rachel Platten recalls harmonizing with her family to finely crafted pop songs – from Sam Cooke to The Beatles – that dominated her parents’ vinyl collection. As a teenager, Rachel gravitated towards hip-hop and female singer-songwriters. Rachel had her first big spark with “Fight Song,” which took two years  to complete. “Fight Song” touched millions of people around the world with its empowering and resilient message of never giving up.

“Fight Song” is certified 3x Platinum and has gone on to sell more than four million downloads worldwide; the single topped countless radio and iTunes charts around the globe before being succeeded by Rachel’s Platinum certified hit, “Stand by You.” Rachel’s Gold-certified, major label debut album Wildfire was released by Columbia Records in 2016. This summer, Rachel released her newest single “Broken Glass,” the first taste of music from her forthcoming album, set to be released this fall via Columbia Records.

Rachel Platten for Ford's Warriors in Pink

Warriors in Pink Ford is about helping people go further. Its Warriors in Pink initiative recognizes what it takes to deal with the everyday challenges of fighting breast cancer and empowers individual warriors, women and men, to find strength within themselves and others at a time when they need it most. By equipping people with free tools and resources that provide needed services for breast cancer patients, they help breast cancer patients around the country have more good days.

To date, Ford has dedicated more than $133 million to the cause. A full 100 percent of net proceeds from sales go to support organizations fighting breast cancer including The Pink Fund, Susan G. Komen, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and Young Survival Coalition.

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