QUotes & Reviews

“Brickman evokes warm sentiments that seem to ask the listener to reach out and touch someone.” –Billboard

We’ve been listening to Jim Brickman ever since my wife and I met. And we would always go when he was in town.  My wife told me I should have brought a box of tissues because his singing and piano playing brought back so many fond memories when we were dating.
–Fans in Portland, ME

“Without requiring a passport or a plane ticket, Jim Brickman’s concerts are a musical vacation into a world of song, special holiday memories and treasured emotions.” –Morning Times Wilkes-Barre

“Brickman’s Charm makes for an Ingeniously Imaginative Holiday Celebration”
New York Daily Gazette

“This is our third time seeing him live, and it’s just priceless…Each time the kids have come they’ve gotten to meet him, and he has taken extra time to talk with them and inspire them in their love for music. We just think he’s a great performer and a great person!” –Fans in Frankfort, TN

“His annual holiday tours have become so successful that he’s becoming synonymous with the season!”
–Richmond Times Dispatch

“The Brickman concert experience is all about intimacy and honesty.”
–Dallas Morning News

“At the core of his music is a sense of hope and a belief in the reality of love.”
–Gannett News Services

Brickman is this generation’s Liberace, a consummate showman and a flesh-and-blood Schroeder who plays the piano with boyish abandon.
–HUB Concert Review