Princesses Wear Pants

Princesses wear pants

A new book by savannah guthrie and allison oppenheim

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princesses wear pants

by Savannah Guthrie & Allison Oppenheim | The Jim Brickman Show

Transcript of Savannah guthrie & allison oppenheim’s full interview with jim brickman

Jim Brickman: It’s the Jim Brickman Show and you know we love to feature new books on the show.  But especially when they come from celebrities that we love and I’m so excited that Savannah Guthrie, of course you see her as co-anchor on “The Today Show” and her co-author Allie Oppenheim.  They’re with me with their new book “Princesses Wear Pants”. How are Ya?

Allison Oppenheim and Savannah Guthrie: Hi there, Hi Jim

SG:  Nice to talk to you

JB: I love this title!  What a Great, I mean isn’t it great when the when the title tells you what the book is about basically?

SG:  It comes from something Allie said actually cause she trying to convince her daughter that she didn’t have to wear skirts all the time and she tried to prove to her that princesses do wear pants.

JB: With Young women who are just so… I guess obsessed with princess in their lives that uhm, there are all kinds of way to express ourself and that’s what the books really about.


“Yeah, we were bonding as moms of little girls and more specifically moms of princesses, who were just really in the thick of the whole Pink and sparkles movement”

and they were just drawn to it and taken by it and we ourselves are very much girly girls and we all have our girl moments.  But we are also very busy moms and women and we were just wondering like what is this about, where did it come from and the pants were a metaphor in a way to talk about what women do uhm, and what women can do.

JB: So what do you think it is about princessess and young girls and their and their  interest.  I mean and uh, from a guy cause I’m just curious.  What is it? I mean did you go through this?  Do you see your kids you know?  I mean what is it exactly?

SG: Sometimes I think its a chicken egg question. you know is it because the princess and the girly girl stuff is all over our world and that’s why girls have no choice to be attracted to it?  Or is it all over the world because girls are so naturally drawn to it. 

“Either way, I think as Allie said so well, we just wanted to be able to say “That’s fine you love your princesses, we do too” but let’s look harder at what princesses they really do”

We decided that princesses were young ladies in leadership roles who had important responsibilities and the the the big big met I take away from the whole think is that,  don’t want to just sparkle from the outside, but you want to sparkle from the inside too.

JB: Fantastic new book from author Savannah Guthrie and Allie Oppemheim it’s called “Princesses wear pants” you can get it anywhere books are sold.  And and all I ask is that eh, and when it becomes a musical you, you call me to do the music.

SG: oh, I love it I love it we like the way you’re thinking Jim!

JB: Great to talk to you both, it’s the Jim Brickman Show.


About the Authors:

Savannah Guthrie is the co-anchor of ‘TODAY’ on NBC, as well as an attorney and legal analyst. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children, Vale and Charley.

Allison Oppenheim is trained in clinical psychology and is a parent educator, as well as a mom to Ascher, Ayla, and Ike. She lives in New York City.