Meet Marge Jageler of Connecticut

I’ve been listening to Jim Brickman’s music and attending concerts for more than twenty years. I’ve been fortunate to have the “backstage” view because the last 15 years of my career in nonprofit management were at The Bushnell Theatre in Hartford, CT. It was my honor and privilege to manage the volunteer corps of 700. Jim has been performing at The Bushnell since 1996 and I’ve attended almost every concert. I’ve enjoyed intimate solo performances – his concert with the Hartford Symphony – Holiday concerts with featured artists – concert taping for a PBS special.

I have every CD in my collection and most are autographed. I enjoy listening to Jim’s music in my car – in our home – whenever and wherever I need to feel good, be uplifted and be at peace.

I’ve enjoyed concerts in Connecticut – The Bushnell, Waterbury and Norfolk – Worcester, Springfield and Lexington, MA – New York City – Manchester, NH – Woonsocket, RI. My mother and special friends have joined me at concerts through the years. Of course, my favorite person to bring is my husband Ernie.

I’ve attended the Brickman Bash in Cleveland – the Soothe Cruise with my cousin – and celebrated our 50th Anniversary on the 2017 Escape to Alaska Cruise. I enjoy Jim’s quick wit and hearing the up close and personal stories of how songs come to be written and how stars are chosen to perform. My favorite story and song is “On a Winter’s Night.”

I have many favorite stories including: rocking and rolling to outrun Hurricane Joaquin on the Soothe Cruise – enjoying the best in-port weather of the season on the Escape to Alaska Cruise – the radio personality in Worcester who invited us to a pre-show reception to meet Jim. He had no idea Jim already knew us – working in my office and hearing Jim play for hours and hours preparing for the PBS taping – a sold out taping concert with 3,000 people filling every lobby space and stairwell waiting for the house to open one half hour before the concert was to begin. We received the OK to finally open the doors 5 minutes before the concert start time. “My” wonderful volunteers had everyone seated in ten minutes and the concert/taping could begin!

AND . . .
Jim’s fans are his family and he personally connects with us at Meet and Greets and at the annual event. He remembers our names and facts about our families and more. Friendships have also grown as we connect with one another. Jim’s staff reflects his example and works very hard to create memorable experiences for us.