The man on the moon comes back down to Earth to share some of the important life lessons he’s learned over the years with Jim Brickman.

Half a century after walking on the moon, iconic astronaut Buzz Aldrin reflects on a lifetime of achievements and what he’s learned through it all. In his upcoming book NO DREAM IS TOO HIGH: Life Lessons from a Man Who Walked on the Moon, Aldrin, with bestselling author Ken Abraham, speaks intimately and from the heart, sharing his experiences in space, in war, and as a beloved public figure.

Aldrin’s disarming candor permeates throughout the book. “Once you’ve been first, it cannot be done again—not by you, not by anyone else,” he writes—and muses in his irreverent way about how it has felt to be known as the second man on the moon. Buzz may have been second, but he recounts that he was the first to pee on the moon and take a selfie in space.

At 85, Aldrin doesn’t shy away from adventure. For his 80th birthday, he hitched a ride on a gigantic whale share while scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands. “Always keep some exciting new adventure on your bucket list,” Aldrin writes. “I’m living proof that no dream is too high!”

Illustrated by fascinating anecdotes and never-before-told stories, NO DREAM IS TOO HIGH distillsAldrin’s celebrated life into thirteen principles that have shaped and guided him, including:

  • What your friends will tell you about your future self.
  • Failure is always an option.
  • Trusting your gut and the tools at your disposal.
  • Keeping good humor in all situations.
  • Helping others go beyond where you have gone.



Buzz Aldrin, best known for his Apollo 11 moonwalk, holds a doctoral degree in astronautics and, at age 85, continues to wield influence as an international advocate of space science and planetary exploration. He has written three nonfiction books, two science fact/fiction novels and two children’s books.