MLB Good Luck Foods with Kaitlyn Carl from Grubhub

Gunning for a win for your favorite MLB team? Kaitlyn Carl has the details on what foods may just bring them good luck!

Jim Brickman: It goes without saying that with every high-stakes game, whether it be basketball, football, baseball, whatever, that oftentimes food is a major part of the game-watching experience for those of us watching at home. However, we have some very interesting data to share with you guys about just what sports’ fans good luck foods are from our friend Kaitlyn Carl at Grubhub– Kaitlyn, how are you?

Listen to Jim’s interview with Kaitlyn Carl below!

What is a good luck food? What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found on this list?

We see that foods across the board really are different depending on who you’re rooting for. We see that for the Dodgers, their [fans] are really ordering a lot of Firecracker rolls over in LA, ordered more on their game day wins than on their game day losses. You see the Astros, their city is ordering salmon nagiri on their gameday wins.

Looking at foods ordered throughout the postseason last year though, we actually saw a lot of fall trending foods. We saw butternut squash soup, margarita pizza and bahn mi is all towards the top, really quite the wide range of foods ordered throughout this season as we ramp up for the world series.

Do you think there’s any logic to how these foods became more popular especially during high-stakes championship series?

I think there’s kind of a combination of two things: one, the postseason really kicks off in the middle of fall, so a lot of people are turning toward those warmer comfort foods, especially as they sit in front of their TV to watch their favorite team.

And also, there are a lot of shareable foods, which makes sense, because you’re watching with friends, you’re watching with family, so whatever you’re ordering, you want to be able to share.

JB: Kaitlyn, thanks a lot for taking the time to share America’s good luck foods! I hope baseball fans are eating these foods to help their home team.


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