Sharing the holiday with family and friends makes our spirit soar.  Our traditions make it memorable.
My two brothers and I always woke up way too early on Christmas morning, and my parents told us we weren’t allowed to wake them up until 8am, so we would wait as quietly as possible together in my brother’s room for the clock to strike 8 on the dot and we would rush into my parents room to make sure they were ready to open presents.

One of my favorite Christmas morning traditions is waking up and exchanging gifts with my parents & sisters while we enjoy coffee, cinnamon rolls and of course Jim Brickman music 

Every Christmas my mom makes this awesome breakfast*… Last year was really special because we all wore the same elf PJs. My parents, my brother and his wife, Sean, myself and the kids all dressed like elves. The best part was no one cared what we looked like and we stayed in them all day 🙂
(*Check out page 83, The Magic of Christmas)

Lighting Chanukah candles and handling out gifts to our grandchildren are priceless moments.  Eating traditional foods like potato latkes (pancakes) and jelly doughnuts really top off the celebration.

Every Christmas Eve night, after we put out our stockings and the cookies and milk, my two siblings and I sleep in the same room and wake up extremely early to open presents. The look on my little brother’s face every year is priceless. He’s 13 years younger than me so having a younger sibling has kept the spirit of Christmas alive. We all open presents and then usually head back to sleep. It’s just a nice, relaxing morning with all five of us together.

Being with family and handing out gifts.