Donna and Dennis Ondriska, IllinoisDonna and Dennis Onsdriska

We’ve been fans since 1999 if I remember correctly. Worked with a gal who attended a family wedding where Jim played at and brought one of his CD’s to work. I have been hooked every since.

Most appropriate song to help us celebrate

After that, it never failed, whether we were celebrating one of our birthdays or a special landmark anniversary, Jim miraculously released the most appropriate song to help us celebrate. He always put into music the words I had in my heart, but couldn’t write. Whether it was Valentine, The Gift, Your Love, Love of My Life or I think it was for our 20th or 25th Anniversary, After All These Years, we had a special way to remember the day!

We were lucky to go on Jim’s 1st Alaska cruise (even after having a major gallbladder attack) and attend at least 1 concert annually. Thanks to Jim, we’ve been married over 38 years.

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