doriDori Pedroli

I am Dori Pedroli, I live in Massachusetts and I am an Administrative Assistant at a local state University.

How long have you have been of a fan of Jim’s?
For as long I can remember. My cousin, Michelle, and I went to one of his shows in Boston in 2003 and I have been going every since.

Who or what introduced you to Jim’s music?
I learned about Jim because I love Michael W. Smith and fell in love with the song “Love of my Life”, when I heard it was a Jim Brickman song, I ran out and bought the CD.  I was also watching Days of Our lives at the time and fell in love with the song “Destiny”, that the show used for Chloe and Brady’s “song”.

me-and-my-cousins-1What does Jim’s music do for you?
Jim’s music helped me through some tough times. When my brother passed away in 2006, Jim’s CD Grace was my saving grace. I listened to it, over and over again, it brought me so much comfort. And then, he was preforming at a bookstore in Marlborough, MA the day after his funeral. I knew I had to go and meet him, so my cousin and I went, bought his new CD Escape (which of course I fell in love with the song Never Alone) and had it signed. This was my first time meeting Jim, he was so welcoming. I told my “story” about my brother and his Grace CD. He gave me a hug and told me that we so blessed that his music had touched me like that. I will never forget that day. I wasn’t  sure if going so soon after my brother’s funeral was the right thing to do, but I was so extremely glad that I went.

390554_2515223731976_1467758359_nHave you shared his music with others? Yes, everyone!  My cousins and sister-in-law have been coming to see Jim (as a group) since Christmas 2003.  My dad even fell in love with Jim’s music.  He used to say to me “why don’t we listen to that wonderful piano music?”  When my dad passed away in October, I had Jim playing in the background.  I said, “Dad, I am going to put Jim on, try to relax and listen to the music”.  It was truly beautiful.

Favorite Jim Brickman song – anything solo piano or a CD?
Waterfall is my all time favorite.  Followed by Thanksgiving, How Great Thou Art, and Never Alone (Sara Evans version).  As for CDs, again, Grace is my all time favorite, followed by Escape.

Favorite perks about the VIP site or being a VIP?
One of the best perks of being a VIP is the pre-sale tickets for his shows.  I was able to get front row seats for his 2014 Christmas show. I love the meet and greets with Jim, Anne, Tracy, and his Special Guests, which gave me the opportunity to see  Ben Utecht’s Superbowl ring!  I have also got meet Luke McMaster,  Richie MacDonald,  and Orla Fallon just to name a few.  Being a VIP also allowed me the opportunity to become a member of the Facebook group, “Brickman Chicks”. I love reading about everyone’s experiences.  It is great to be part of such a wonderful community!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my memories and stories.