Brickman Buzz: Royal Chatter with Russell Watson

Brickman, Bob & Brynne are buzzing this weekend with special guest Russell Watson. Russell is now The Jim Brickman Show’s Royal Correspondent from our London Bureau and joins the B Team in studio for a Royal Update.


Part 1

Russell Watson talks to us about his many gatherings and performances with the Royal Family.  Brynne is obsessed with the royals, so of course she asked Russell to talk about his time in Buckingham Palace.  And Bob wants to understand the Royal Family Tree so Russell gives a quick lesson plus some stories of performing for the Duke of Edinburgh.

Part 2

Now that we know Russell Watson dines in Buckingham Palace, what do they eat?  The question on Brynne’s mind is how the British people feel about Camilla and Bob just wants to know the food quality that was served…of course.  And Russell shares one performance when the Queen made a surprise visit.


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