LIVE in Concert

• 30 LIVE Holiday Concerts

• 100 LIVE Concert events and unique fan experiences

• Played LIVE in front of 20 Million People

• 100K+ Theatre Attendance per year


Virtual Events

• One of a kind interactive concerts performed virtually over Zoom & YouTube

• Seven concerts sold out in 10 days in July 2020 – gift boxes sent to all participants with merchandise and concert information

• Holiday virtual tour consisting of 38 concerts, benefiting 84 venues around the country and the Actors Fund – over $100K donated to venues/Actors Fund. Gifts sent to participants with merchandise and concert information. Over 5K tickets sold plus meet & greets. Youtube and Zoom

• Share the Love virtual concert experience over Valentine’s weekend 2021. 5 shows plus meet & greet events. Youtube and Zoom

Cross-Branding Opportunities

• Email Campaign – Sponsorship message/logo placement on all emails

• Social Media – Cross-promote on Jim Brickman’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites

• Website – Brand/Logo placement on Tour and City pages

• Concert Programs – Logo and/or Ad placement in all concert programs

• Concert Advertising – Logo placement on all marketing materials; postcards, posters, banners