Will I get a chance to work with Jim Brickman?
Yes, Jim will be taking part in the whole workshop, and have breakout sessions with all Bootcampers, guiding each group and helping to hone your songwriting skills and technique. 
Is this appropriate for my 12 year old?
The time frame and structure of each session is not geared to participants under 16.

Should I bring my own instrument?
If you typically write on guitar, yes, bring your own guitar.
If you typically write on piano, you may bring your keyboard, although some electronic keyboards and headsets will be provided.

Can I sign up for just one day?
Unfortunately, no. The sessions and schedule are planned out for an entire weekend.

Can my wife/husband/friend/child come to sessions with me
(Even if they aren’t interested?)

Of course spouses and partners are welcome to come along with you to Cleveland, however, if they’d like to attend the bootcamp, they’d need to register for their own pass. There will be some free time for breakfasts and dinners, should you wish to make it a weekend trip.

Are meals provided?
Lunch is provided Friday and Saturday. For other meals, we’ll make sure you know how to best take advantage of Cleveland’s outstanding restaurant scene – all prices and tastes

Will we be sharing the songs we write?
If you’d like to perform what you’ve written in a live showcase, the Sunday event at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is the place to do so.

How polished, talented, or seasoned a musician do I have to be?
We expect that  the musicians are coming with a wide range of experience. There’s no need to be polished, you just need the desire and mindset to learn.

What if I only write music and not lyrics? What if I only write lyrics and not music?
When writing at the Bootcamp, we will pair up musicians and lyricists so you are free to go solo or collaborate for words and music.

Still have questions? Email us at!
Phone: 216-713-0770 ext 103