Show 1740 – September 30th & October 1st

We’re ending September and starting October this weekend by counting down 2017’s most fun cities!  Major League Soccer star David Villa joins the show, to talk about his new partnerships with the MLS.  We welcome back Ereka Vetrini to the show, giving us great tips to get back to the new year! Plus, Brickman beat with Sam Smith’s new song “Too good at goodbyes”.

Which cities give the most bang for your buck?  We find out on this week’s the “List”.  While some of the cities you could certainly guess like Los Angeles and New York,  others are cities you would never expect!  Did your city make “The List”?  Listen to find out!

Major League Soccer Star David Villa joins the show.  Plus, Brynne hosts Urban dictionary, do you know what it means when someone says “This song is “Fire“?  With the lazy days of summer behind us now, TLC Host and Parent Expert Ereka Ventrini gives us great tips on how to develop healthy routines going into the school year.  Plus, Sam Smith’s new song “Too Good At Goodbyes” has been tearing up the charts!  Listen to hear Jim’s reaction.

Get your bucket of popcorn ready, it’s time for “Brickman Box Office”!  Jim wants a Red Box in the office so he binge on all the great new movies.  Brynne binges on “Big Little Lies” while Bob and Jim rave about “Wonder Woman” and “Logan”.  Which coffee chain house are you?  Brynne quizzes Jim and Bob on their morning routine and coffee preferences to find out which coffee chain they belong to.

Today Show Co-Anchor and author Savannah Guthrie and her co-author Allie Oppenheim stop by the show to talk about their new book “Princesses Wear Pants”!  Brickman Bob and Brynne are revealing the perfect match for “The Sign”.  Bob and Brynne are both Aquarians who are destined to be with a leo!  What zodiac sign is your perfect match?

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